Camp Mercer Trailhead Work Bee October 19

Hello Camp Mercer friends,

The DNR is following through with the second cut of trees and brush around trail features.  We agreed on the brush and tree removal at the October 3rd meeting at Camp Mercer Trailhead. On Wednesday, October 19 starting at 8:00, I will meet Adam from the DNR to finish tree and brush removal.  It would be great if  2 or 3 volunteers could join me to help with the process.  If we get a few extra folks, we could clip the cherry trees on the ballfield and pole saw along the river.
Please let me know if you or other s plan to attend.  Folks do not need to spend the entire morning, and can show-up later in the morning too.  If you arrive later in the morning,  listen for the chain saw if you wish to find us. I will have to leave at 1:30 pm  for the MWHS Strategic Retreat.