ICORE and Hurley students reconstruct trail to Corrigan’s Lookout

Upson, WI – On September 25, 2018, community members from several different groups came together to improve access to Corrigan’s Lookout, a scenic vista with views of Upson lake, the Penokee hills, and the vast hardwood forest of Iron County. 

The original quarter mile trail to Corrigan’s Lookout was located in a low area and was very muddy and difficult to navigate, so several local organizations decided to get together and work to improve the trail. The day was a great success. Twenty-seven determined volunteers used saws, clippers and heavy ax-like tools for five hours to create a new trail located on higher ground to drain better than the original trail. Visitors will be able to access the wonderful vista of Corrigan’s Lookout on a drier trail.

The Hurley High School’s Field Biology class with teacher Diane O’Krongly, members of Iron County Outdoor Recreation Enthusiasts (ICORE), members of the Heritage Chapter of the North Country Trail Association, Iron County Forestry personnel, members of MECCA Cross-Country Ski Trails and Club, and Iron County UW-Extension personnel all took part in the trail work day.  One of the goals of this activity was to increase students’ understanding and appreciation of Iron County’s natural assets and issues relating to natural resource management. The students also experienced working as a team with each other and other individuals in our community. 

Thanks to both the North Country Trail Heritage Chapter and MECCA Cross-Country Ski Trails and Club for the use of their trail building tools. We would also like to thank Walmart for the donation of gloves used by many of the trail building volunteers.