Iron County Trails

ICORE has identified 28 established trails in Iron County, Wisconsin, offering a wide variety of scenery and terrain for walking, hiking, biking, and skiing.

Click here for a county-wide map showing all known trail locations (PDF, 2.1Mb)

SiteLand ManagerLength
Big Island TrailTurtle Flambeau Scenic Waters Area8.8
Camp Mercer CCC TrailNorthern Highlands American Legion State Forest2.5
Cary Park TrailCity of Hurley0.75
Corrigan’s LookoutIron County Forest0.25
Deadhorse TrailTurtle Flambeau Scenic Waters Area4.60
Eagle Bluff Winter RecreationCity of Hurley4.50
Frog Lake and PinesNorthern Highland-American Legion State Forest0.17
Hidden Rivers TrailTurtle Flambeau Scenic Waters Area2.0
Hunting Opportunities in the TFSWATurtle Flambeau Scenic Waters Area
Hurley School ForestHurley School District0.6
Interstate FallsTown of Kimball0.30
Iron Belle Trail (Western Gateway)State of Michigan10.0
Island Lake Hemlocks SNAWisconsin DNR0.56
Kimball Town Park TrailTown of Kimball, Wisconsin0.27
Learning Adventure TrailHurley School1.78
Lipp Lake TrailTurtle Flambeau Scenic Waters Area0.46
Little Turtle TrailTurtle Flambeau Scenic Waters Area5.20
MECCA Ski TrailsMECCA Ski Trails9.30
Mercer Bike TrailTown of Mercer7.8
Mercer Ranger Station Nature TrailWisconsin DNR0.6
Mercer School ForestMercer School District0.8
Montreal Ski TrailsPenokee Rangers5.34
North Country TrailIron County Forest and North Country Trail Association11.73
Potato River FallsIron County Forest0.34
Saxon FallsXcel Energy0.1
Schomberg Park Snowshoe TrailIron County Forest1.70
Uller TrailIron County Forest11.0
Whitecap MountainsWhitecap Mountains1.50
Wilson Hills TrailTurtle Flambeau Scenic Waters Area5.50
Wren FallsIron County Forest0.96