July Fundraiser Supports Trail Expansion and Development

Image: ICORE member Karen Hagemann provides some fun and refreshing relief from the heat hosting smoothie making with a stationary blender bike at ICORE’s trail picnic fundraiser.

Outdoor recreation enthusiasts recently came together to help raise awareness and funds to continue developing non-motorized trails in the northern Iron County area.  Iron County Outdoor Recreation Enthusiasts, or ICORE, sponsored a fundraising picnic at Cary Park in Hurley on Saturday, July 14th.  Trail supporters from around community and the region, including Friends of the Iron Belle Trail in Gogebic County and trail promoters in the Mercer area, came together to learn about ongoing plans to develop a trail and trailhead in downtown Hurley, and to bike along the temporary downtown route to Cary Park.

“There was a good deal of excitement from the community” according to Mike Fauerbach, Chairman of the Trail Committee for ICORE, “the types of recreational opportunities this type of trail offers is in demand in our area, and to expand those opportunities will be a real asset for our residents and those who visit the area.”

Those who attended were able to enjoy a lunch, make smoothies on a stationary blender bike, view graphics for the downtown trailhead and suggest names, view and ride a duet wheelchair tandem bike, and experience first hand the temporary route from Highway 51 to Cary Park.  There was also a treasure hunt for younger trail supporters.  Those who attended the picnic made donations to help with funding these future projects.  This was the second fundraiser ICORE has held within the last year and there will likely be additional efforts coming up.

ICORE’s Trail Committee has been working toward a permanent non-motorized trail and efforts continue to develop the best plan.  The downtown trailhead along Highway 51 now has a new sign along with a picnic table, bike rack, and benches as an initial start, and there are plans to develop parking, a pavilion, and pedestrian access to the Montreal River.