Mission Accomplished

What a difference a week makes. Our work bee last Monday was snowed out. Today was a great weather day to work in the woods. It was not the warmest day but the sun was out most of the morning and the trees sheltered us from the wind.  We had a great turn out of workers thanks to Kit Bogenschneider scheduling the weekly Looney hike at the Deadhorse Grouse Habitat trail. Many of the Hikers stayed after their trek through the woods and helped create the reroute of the snowshoe trail. Beth Fiend, WDNR property manager for the Turtle Flambeau Scenic Waters Area, got a head start cutting brush and chain sawing small trees along the new trail. So when the hikers returned from their trek they got busy clipping any shrubs or branches still obstructing the path Beth, Brenda Nelson, and Diane O’Krongly had marked off a few weeks earlier. Other ICORE volunteers removed brush and tree parts from the trail left behind by Beth’s efforts. Many hands made fast work of the rerouted trail and some workers stayed behind to explore options for a snowshoe trail that would form a loop for snowshoers visiting the Deadhorse trails.

Thanks to all the ICORE volunteers who came and made this new trail possible. Having the trail go through the woods will make snowshoeing these trails more pleasant and hopefully we will have a marked loop trail for all to use this winter when snowshoeing.  The proposed loop would be approximately 2 ½ miles long. 

List of volunteers: Martha Pierpont, Aline Fetter, Jean Raschke, Kit Bogenschneider, Pat Christie, Karen Teliszczak, Julee Ulich, Martha Pierpont, Scott Howells, Tom Sonntag, Hedda Patzke, Pat Christie & Martha Pierpont  John Biedron and Diane O’Krongly