Trails Committee begins pledge drive

The ICORE Trails Committee has begin a pledge drive to secure funds for a future purchase of land to extend the Hurley Non-Motorized Trail to Montreal. 

Any funds pledged towards the project will be used to cover any required local match for grant funds to purchase land from Canadian National. The railroad company owns an unused railroad grade between Hurley and Montreal that could be used for the planned hiking and biking trail. Mike Fauerbach, trail committee chairperson, notes that pledges will only need to be paid if ICORE is able to secure grants for the project and reach an agreement with Canadian National.

At a recent fundraising event, ICORE raised about $6,000 towards the project and received $12,000 in committed pledges. 

If you are interested in making a pledge towards the Hurley Non-Motorized Trail project, download a pledge card from our website or email ICORE treasurer Bob Traczyk at