2019 NCT Events

April 2019 update from the North Country Trail Association Heritage Chapter:

We have a big year planned for the Heritage Chapter.  We will complete the 3-mile section from Upson Lake to Foster Falls, complete the re-route east of Wren Falls, install the Bill Thomas Memorial Bridge over the Tyler Forks River at Wren Falls and we will chart a route from Foster Falls north to Saxon Harbor. 

This year our opening May work event is comprised of two parts.  First is called the Heritage Chapter Volunteer and Intern Week.  It begins Tuesday May 14.  This work week is designed to coincide with Northland College’s May-Term and we have four interns signed up so far to work with Heritage Volunteers.  This event is designed to overlap with our regular work weekend on Saturday May 18.  Heritage Chapter Members and Volunteers can sign up to work with the intern crew for all or part of the work week.  The focus of this work week is multi-faceted and will include trail construction and structure repair.

The second event is our normal work weekend of May 18 and 19.  This event will focus on trail construction.

Where And When To Meet:  Please refer to the Penokee Hikers Meetup site for the meeting spots for each event. Here you can see both events and you can join discussions about things like carpooling, etc.

Please see the attached pdf showing our event calendar for all of 2019. 

Michael Stafford, President Heritage Chapter NCTA

2019 Heritage Chapter events calendar

Photo by Joshua Mayer, used under Creative Commons license