MECCA trails incentive funding

May 24, 2019

Mercer, WI – MECCA Ski Club is pleased to offer incentive funding for groups that would like to get out and enjoy our trails. We created this fund from sponsor and skier revenue from the Turtle River Pursuit and have been awarded a generous grant from the SISU Ski Fest. 

If you know of a group of kids, families, seniors or anyone planning to get out and enjoy the MECCA Trails, let me know.  Funding can be used for transportation, nutrition, education, instruction, and/or equipment. For information, contact MECCA Ski Club president Mike Shouldice.

MECCA trails offers incentive funding to groups to enjoy trails, promote healthy lifestyles, exercise, and have outdoor experiences. Funding can be used to defray the cost of education, instruction, nutrition, equipment and transportation.