Volunteers sought for the Little Turtle Flowage

Jenna Kosinicki has recently organized two work days at the Little Turtle Flowage (LTF) near Mercer, planting wild plum and crabapple trees on the property and helping to clear encroaching vegetation. She is encouraging those who want to continue to help the LTF to consider forming a Friends group. From Jenna:

“Grassland management is no longer a priority for DNR properties in the northern portion of the state; this includes our beloved Little Turtle Flowage. Without further management, our grassland will convert (and is currently converting) to an aspen clone. However, the Department does allow volunteers to continue grassland efforts on our properties. By creating a friends group, volunteers are able to apply for grants that can go towards maintenance of the LTF grasslands. Those grants can be used to contract work out (prescribed burning) or used towards work costs. If you are interested in creating a friends group, let me know and we can set up a public meeting to get started. Follow the link to learn more: friendswiparks.blogspot.com/?_sm_au_=ifVS8723JZjT0FsM.”

For more information, contact Jenna at 715-476-7843 or jenna.kosnicki@wisconsin.gov

June 20, 2018